ESPN Fantasy Baseball App for iPhone $4.99

Posted by Brandon Weir On 4/03/2010 05:32:00 AM

Downloading App now and will have additional images and impression available here soon. $4.99 seems slightly high but we will see if it's worth it. More to come.

If you have a specific questions regarding the app before you buy it email me at

Direct Link to iPhone App Store information.

First Impressions:

Looks great.
Load times are ok on 3G. Not near as fast as they should be for a $5 app, but faster than the mobile website.
Seems to have all the abilities that you would want from a PC browser UI built into the app in a user friendly layout.
Slidebars with information and stats are a must and great to have. No way you should try and squeeze all those stats on a small screen.

Update 1:
Screen 1 - My Team 1 - Right half of the screen is slideable to show all stats of players
Screen 2 - Players tab
Screen 3 - My Team 2 - Right half of the screen is slideable to show all stats of players
Screen 4 - League Scoreboard
Screen 5 - Overall Scoreboard / League Standings
Screen 6 - Activity Feed. Displays any updates from players on your team.

Update 2: More screenshots
Screen 7 - Schedule for previous/upcoming weeks of your opponents
Screen 8 - League Settings and Scoring for league
Screen 9 - Selector of how your team information. so you can see specific information about players to compare
Screen 10 - Message Board

Update 3: Added direct link to app store for direct download.

Update 4: Added the descriptions from Flickr to the post.