Kevin Youkilis vs Adrian Gonzalez: Who is worth more to the Red Sox?

Posted by Unknown On 12/07/2010 10:12:00 PM

Let's start by linking to the profiles of each player ( & ) and thanking for their amazing wealth of information. Without them, this post would have never went beyond a thought, how much are the Red Sox paying Youkilis?

Looking at their stat lines, I notice that the numbers are very close to be the same. The impact each of these players has on their team is about equal from a offensive standpoint. So why are the Red Sox willing to pay Gonzalez (estimated to get $20m/year) so much more money than Youkilis (currently makes $10m/year)? To this Sauks fan, Youk is more important than Gonzo. He is our team and him and DP embody what the Sauks, Fenway, and Boston are all about.

The 2 stat lines pictured about belong to Youkilis and Gonzalez respectively.

Who do you think is more valuable to the Red Sox? Comment below or @reply me on Twitter.

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