GeIL EpicGear DeziMator Gaming Keyboard

Posted by Unknown On 8/16/2013 04:15:00 PM

GeIL has released their new EpicGear Dezimator, but it's not on Amazon or Newegg as of the posting of this so a price is unclear. I'm going to guess between $90 - $110. Some of the highlights include:

"Backlit & lighting options:
  • FPS-focused mode: WASD + 6 Numeric hot keys illumination
  • RTS-focused mode: Macro keys illumination
  • Full Illumination mode: Warzone + Macro, 15 keys illumination
  • Twilight mode: Underbody lighting on only
  • Blackout mode: All backlights + Underbody LED lighting off"
If there is one thing I understand, it's how someone can love and hate a keyboard. I've been using the same style of keyboard now for what seems like over a decade. I've had my hands on a few of the newer mechanical keyboards and feel means everything. Some feel great, others not so much. If there is one thing I recommend to people before buying keyboards, find one and use it for like 5 minutes and figure out if the stroke depth, depression weight, and other factors feel right to you.